About Us

ChemistCare Warnervale is the Happy and Caring place.

Who We Are ?

So what’s our plan ? Same old, same old ? Supermarket style with no service, no information ?

We want to be the pharmacy for now and the future and we believe the only way to achieve that is to CARE for people. If you care then your looking for the best solutions for our clients. The best of old and new. We will take an interest in you, the person. We will give you the information you need to get the best from your health needs. We will care by providing this at a competitive market price.

We thought CARE is so important that we put it in our name

OUR Characteristics

  • Empathy. No1. Trying to see things from the your point of view. We will extend this to each other building a harmony.
  • Responsiveness. We will engage with you, First with our eyes, second our demeanour, & third what we say to you.
  • Assurance. We will treat you with courtesy and pass on the knowledge that you require. We want you to trust us & feel confident in us.
  • Reliability. Our offer is consistent. You can rely on us to consistently do it better.

  • National Diabeties Services Scheme.
  • Diabeties Australia.
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
  • Quality Care Pharmacy Program.