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CARE it’s in our name!

As a locally owned, independent Pharmacy we really care about our community and building strong client relationships. We work closely with local Health Professionals to give you the best possible Health outcomes.

By offering a wide variety of services and employing staff with shared values, it enables us to deliver consistent excellent customer service and treat our clients with respect and dignity.

We strive to keep you healthy and safe in our community!


Upload Your Prescription
Upload Your Prescription

You can upload your prescription directly to our Pharmacy.

It can be dispensed and made ready for collection. Before the Pharmacist finalises the supply, the original paper Prescription must be received, so remember to bring it with you when coming to collect.

Once we have dispensed the first supply, we can keep any repeats on file for easy re-ordering.

Ask our staff for more information about our CLICK AND COLLECT MedAdvisor App or call (02) 4392 4400.

By using this service you are confirming that you understand our confidentiality policy available here.


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