ChemistCare Warnervale is the Happy and Caring place.

Information on these additional services will be available soon on the web site should you require more information on these please contact us – we’d love to help.


Professional Advice

Marique and partners take their professional service very seriously, it is who they are. We have invested in our staff who are all highly trained to give you exceptional service and knowledge. We have invested in our shop which is large and well set out. The clean efficient environment underlies the need for accuracy in what they do. There is nothing “hap hazard” about this pharmacy. We have also invested in new technology to access up to date and timely information. They have nine computer service stations which allow them to give you immediate attention, no waiting for a terminal to become free.


Fast Prescription Service

Because we have invested in trained staff and more than enough computer resources you will not wait long for a prescription at Warnervale ChemistCare. With hands on pharmacists, trained Dispensary assistants, and five computer terminals that can process your prescriptions we are very efficient.


Medication Packing

* Conditions apply

Do you have trouble managing multiple medications?
There is a better way!

DAA’s or Dose Administration Aids organise all your weekly medication doses into one pack!
Medication packing is no longer just for the elderly, it’s great for people managing complex doses, traveling for work or have children in school!

If you are taking 3 or more Medications per month – PACKING IS FREE AT WARNERVALE CHEMISTCARE.

Webster Pak

  • Simple and convenient
  • Reduces error
  • Provides a visual reminder to take medication
  • Easy to check whether medication has been taken

Think Outside the Pillbox!

Don’t spend hours organising your medications, let us do it for you!


Free Home Delivery

* Conditions apply

We understand that some members of our community are not as mobile as others or rely on others for transport. This makes it challenging to visit us instore. This doesn’t mean you miss out on the great service and care provided at Warnervale Chemistcare.

With our friendly designated delivery staff, we can offer Free home deliveries to our local area between Monday and Friday. We can deliver Prescriptions plus all the over the counter products you normally see in the Pharmacy!

Just call our friendly staff on Ph: 4392 4400 to put your order in. Please ensure that you are home at the time of the delivery window as medications can not be left unattended.

By keeping your scripts on file, it makes it easy to request a home delivery – ask us how.

Contactless Delivery is available for our clients that may be immunocompromised or physical distancing, Your health and safety is a priority.

* Conditions (Free Home Delivery)

Available for our local area; available in our delivery “Time Windows”; we may charge if you require more than one delivery per week; we may charge for redelivery if you were not at home.


File your Repeats Service

You never have to worry about losing your prescriptions with our Scripts On File advantage. Many people enjoy the convenience of keeping their scripts on file with us so that they always know where they are. When your medication is running low, a simple call to Warnervale Chemist Care is all that is required to prepare your medication in advance, so they are ready for you to collect. We also let you know when your prescriptions are out of date, how many repeats you may have left, and we also keep track of your progress to reaching your safety net.

We also have a Click & Collect option, to make managing your prescriptions even easier, we have a Free App called MedAdvisor. MedAdvisor provides an automatic list of your medications, showing how many repeats you have, information about each medication, manage your families medication through carer mode, it gives you reminders when to get your script filled and you can order and manage your medications straight from home or work. So convenient right!

Save time and reduce the risk of lost prescriptions, by keeping your scripts on file today!



A MedsCheck Is a great way to get a better understanding of your medications to ensure they are working for you!

We offer the opportunity to sit one on one with one of our Pharmacists, John or Rosemary, to review and chat about your medications.

With your medications, do you often think:

  • What they are used for?
  • When is it best to take them?
  • Are there any interactions or side effects?
  • Are they working for me?

During your MedsCheck, it’s a great opportunity to update any health details with our Pharmacist. You may have allergies to certain medications or a Medical Condition that should be noted on your file.

If you take 5 or more Prescription medications or have had a recent significant medical event – get in touch with our friendly staff to organise a MedsCheck.


Other Services

  • Blood Pressure testing
  • NDSS Diabetes Supplies
  • Return of Unwanted Medicines (RUM Project)
  • Inhaler Technique Advice
  • Absence from work certificate
  • Consumer Medicines information (CMI)
  • Independent Living Aids
  • Medication Packing
  • Home Deliveries
  • Scripts on File
  • Rewards Club
  • Gift wrapping
  • Bounty bags – New Parent/Parent to be
  • Click & Collect
  • Hire of Home Health Equipment
Upload Your Prescription
Upload Your Prescription

You can upload your prescription directly to our Pharmacy.

It can be dispensed and made ready for collection. Before the Pharmacist finalises the supply, the original paper Prescription must be received, so remember to bring it with you when coming to collect.

Once we have dispensed the first supply, we can keep any repeats on file for easy re-ordering.

Ask our staff for more information about our CLICK AND COLLECT MedAdvisor App or call (02) 4392 4400.

By using this service you are confirming that you understand our confidentiality policy available here.